Workshop Instructions


May Day Workshop – Instructions:

These instructions go along with a video created on Facebook live on bouquet’s facebook page on April 30, 2020.  However these step by step instructions can be used without the video as well. If you have any questions, feel free to call the studio at 402-905-0589 and a designer will be glad to help you or answer your questions.

You will want to gather a few supplies before you get started:

  • Pair of kitchen scissors or garden pruner to cut the flowers
  • Pair of craft scissors to cut the wallpaper for the cones
  • Bucket or Tupperware bowl full of water – soak your black oasis chunks in the water.  You will use these chunks later on in your clay pots.
  • Hand towel – you might just want to have a towel or paper towels on hand for any water mess while you design
  • Stapler if you have one (not necessary but can be useful to secure the wallpaper cones)
  • Tape Measure or yardstick or anything to draw a straight line on the wallpaper circles


  1.  Soak your small chunks of floral foam in a bucket or Tupperware bowl full of water.  You should let the foam soak for at least 5 minutes to allow the water to penetrate all the way into the block of foam. We will come back to the foam later.
  2. Grab your 3 pieces of wallpaper.  We have already drawn a circle on them.  Go ahead and cut along the circle lines.  You should end up with three full circles of wallpaper.
  3. Next you will want to turn over your circles to the back side or plain side without the pretty pattern.  Use your ruler or anything with a straight edge to draw a line all the way across the middle of the circle from one edge to the other (the diameter of the circle).  If you are using a yardstick or tape measure, you can place the zero side of the yardstick/tape measure on one edge and then rotate the yardstick/tape measure until the other edge lines up with the 14″ mark (or close to that) on the other side – that will be the widest part of the circle and indicate the center.  Draw a line through the circle at this point where it meaures about 14″.  If you don’t have a yardstick/ruler, you can simple fold the wallpaper in half and then use that fold line for your cutting line in the next step.
  4. Go ahead and cut your circles along the lines you just created in Step 3.  You should end up with 6 half circles when you are done.
  5. Starting with one of your half circles, roll the wallpaper (pattern side facing out) into your cone shape. The cone should be pretty tight so it won’t be too large of an opening for a single carnation.
  6. You will then use your sticky dots that we provided to secure the edges. Or you can use a stapler and staple the cone in place. To use the sticky dots you will want to remove them from the wax paper and stick one piece to the bottom of your cone, closer to the point and then one at the very top. If your cone unravels during this process you will want to make sure that you roll them up tightly before securing with the sticky dot or staple.
  7. Once you have your cones created you will want to create holes for your ribbon to attach to. You can either use a paper hole puncher or if you don’t have one of those you can simply cut a slit using your scissors.
  8. Once you have two holes in your cones, one either side. You will then want to knot your ribbon to the holes you just created. We have given you enough ribbon to have about a 1 inch tail on both sides.
  9. Now you will want to fill your water tubes. It is usually easier to soak them in a bucket or Tupperware container rather than filling directly from the sink. But you can also fill directly from the sink.
  10. Once your water tubes are full you will want to add flowers to them! We suggest using 1 water tube per cone. However, if instead you decide to create 3 larger cones rather than 6 small cones you can use more than one water tube in your cones. If you are planing on making 6 cones you will want to add a carnation to your water tube, first. Cut the carnation to about 1 inch in length you can then add a bit of purple wax flower into the same water tube that the carnation is in. You can also add a touch of leather leaf, do not use a full stem but instead you can break each stem into several small pieces.
  11. Stick your water tube full of flowers into your cone and Voila! You have your first May Day cone done!
  12. You will want to repeat this process 5 more times to get your cones created.
  13. Moving on to our clay pots. Since the clay pots are not water proof we have provided a plastic liner. Place the plastic liner into your clay pot.
  14. Next, you will want to add the oasis that has been soaking into your liner. You can gently push it down but don’t push too hard or all the way to the bottom of the liner. You will want to be sure to add water to this container to ensure the flowers a longer life span.
  15. Now there are several different ways that you can design your clay pots. You can have all the same flowers in one pot, so 3 carnations in 1, your green mums in another and purple statice in a different pot OR you can vary each pot and make them your own. You are the designer!
  16. To place the flowers in your pots you will want to give each stem a fresh cut before sticking them into your foam. We suggest you cut the stem length to be about an inch. Once you have your carnation in you can add in your greenery. You will want to break the leather leaf into smaller pieces rather than leaving it such a long thick piece. After the greenery is in place you can then add your accenting flowers such as your purple statice, purple wax flower and green mums. Be sure not to use all of your flowers in one pot but save enough for the other 2 pots.
  17. You will then want to create the other 2 pots following the same steps.

You DID IT!!!  Congratulations on successfully making a beautiful floral arrangement.  We hope you had fun and learned a thing or two about floral design.

Once your cones are done we suggest that you keep them in a tupperware container or bucket so they stand up right until you deliver the cones. This is because if you lay the cones on their side the flowers will not be able to drink the water from the water tubes. However, if they are kept more vertical the flower will be able to drink all the water. You also will want to make sure that the your three pots are full of water.

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