Who We Are

Julie Hockney, Owner

Julie is an accomplished interior designer in the Omaha Area offering her services through her company, julie hockney design, inc. Her love of floral design has grown over the years but her real passion for flowers happened after she planned her own wedding! As time went on, she often found herself offering floral design services to her clients as a finishing touch of a newly designed space, or for their own weddings and special events. She dreamed of starting a floral studio to help her clients celebrate these important moments in their lives. She is excited to announce ‘A Floral Design Studio’ to the Omaha area, as an addition to her interior design company.

Whether it’s someone she’s meeting for the first time or a faithful client, getting to know each person and what they love is the joy of her career. Having the ability to create exquisite design that each client will love is what she strives for on every event. She understands that a successful design is not one that follows rules and mimics her own style. Instead, successful design is one that truly showcases the personality, vision and requests of her clients.

  • Favorite Color: Green
  • Favorite Flower: Bells of Ireland
  • Favorite Pattern: Stripes



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